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Why Swapping a Battery Won't Save Your iPhone

A Questionable History  I have sat around and listened to information regarding Apple's iPhone slowdown issue long enough to call bullsh!t on Apple. It is not that their engineering reasoning does not make sense...because it does, it is the fact that they would have to be able to see the future through some crystal ball to anticipate a problem like this one to effectively engineer a software solution that bothers me. Yes, I said a software solution. While everyone is out getting their batteries replaced in good faith, he or she might have overlooked the fact that a "solution' to this problem has to be applied where the problem was created – in iOS. Thus, a battery replacement alone will not bring the speed back to your iPhone, and this is what makes me question the motives surrounding this entire situation.

Realistically, I would be more likely to believe Apple's statements about why they slowed older
phones if this was their first offense. It's not, and their f…

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